Furry Tude is an initiative undertaken by a group of young people who aim to strive for animal welfare through facilitating animal rescue and/or adoptions under this collective effort.
The driving force behind Furry Tude is to enable homeless and abandoned animals to get homes that will provide them unconditional love and support that they deserve.
Generally, adoption process is considered tedious and complicated so it is our objective to simplify the process for such prospective families.

You can help us by spreading the word about the adoption/foster opportunities that we routinely share. And if you’re personally interested in adopting or fostering a pet do contact us at the page linked below. You may also contact us if you’re aware of an animal in need of a home and we would be glad to help as much as we can.

Since we are not an NGO or a company, we do not have sufficient funds to undertake rescue operations and provide a shelter or adoption centre. Our activities are merely restricted to acting as facilitators for such adoptions.

Our mission:

– To share opportunities for adopting/fostering homeless animals.

– To act as a guide throughout the process of adoption (both adopting and getting your pet adopted)

– To ensure that proper adoption procedures are undertaken with all due formalities and that all the animals go to good homes where they’ll receive unconditional love and support.

– To guide you through sterilization drives etc.

The following to be borne in your mind about our initiative:

-We do not run a shelter or an adoption center and cannot adopt animals ourselves.

-We are unable to provide help in untimely animal rescues operations.

-Foster homes or quick adoptions cannot be guaranteed.

-We would not under any circumstances help or promote breeders. Please do not contact us if you are looking to mate your dog.

-We do not condone buying or selling animals in any manner or form, and will not assist you or ensure that a pure bred puppy is there for adoption or purchase through any other third party.

-Adoptions can only be undertaken with a lot of time and patience throughout the procedure.

-We reserve the right to refuse help in any form in certain situations especially when it’s beyond our capabilities or against the mission of this effort.

-We are not a registered society and thus Furry Tude cannot enter into a contract or undertake any legal obligations under this name.

-The coordinators are working under this initiative as volunteers and thus the acts or comments by any member cannot be held applicable to the initiative as a whole.

Our overall aim is to guide and help anyone and everyone who needs help and to try and ensure that all animals that come to us find their perfect homes where they get unconditional love and support.